Loch Lomond “Little Me Will Start a Storm”

When your friends ask you what indie rock is (does anyone still ask that?), hand them this record. There’s some emotion, but it’s not out of control. They’re feeling something, even if it’s just gas. The lead singer does enough falsettos to keep the atmosphere light, like at a mountaintop restaurant. He makes you think of Peter Murphy and James, all at the same time.
“Blue Lead Fences” reminds me of early Smashing Pumpkins but with some female vocals mixed in. If you want something a little more haunting and garage sounding, go for “I Love Me.”
If you want a male-female duet, “Earth Has Moved Again” has what you’re looking for. It’s a little long, but it has just enough of a beat to get you through. It makes me want to look at my shoes — but not gaze at them.
The last track is “Alice Left With Stockings and Earrings.” Maybe this one is a little too slow, but it’s still a beautiful song. This album offers standard indie fare, a little on the softer side.

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