Ellie Goulding “Lights”

Trying to capitalize on the crossover success that La Roux has seen, Ellie Goulding has seen the “Lights.” What we have is an unabashedly attempt at modern pop music. Your 12-year-old niece will love this.
The title track leads off and will be played in casinos everywhere. There’s just enough Lady Gaga in there, as well as late ’80s synths and sampling. The only thing missing is the high-energy beat. There’s no question this is the music of today, even as it winks and nods at Reagan/Bush-era hit music.
“This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)” sounds like a Tegan and Sara song that’s been remixed. Well, really I suppose the whole album does. “The Writer” is not about me. I’m just a blogger, after all. This track is a little slower than the rest, but I wouldn’t call it a ballad. The melody is on the simplistic side, but being on Interscope will do that for you. It’s like cotton candy. Don’t expect substance and just be happy with it.
“Every Time You Go” is not a Paul Young cover — how cool would that be? This seems to be to lure in Pipettes fans, but the dance rhythm overpowers the likely self-made backgrounds. The song is fine, but it sounds like “further reading” if you will.
The La Roux comparison goes into overdrive with “Salt Skin.” So go enjoy it. You know you want to. The last track is a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song.” I hope you don’t mind.

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