Oh Land “Oh Land”

I played the Oh Land EP a ton so it seemed only natural that I review the full length as well. I really like it, but I can see why they picked the tracks they did for the EP. Still, “Perfection” is pretty close to it. I wish the verses could sound like the chorus, because she actually sings those. The verses are more of a storytelling sound, which is a performance best reserved for people who can’t sing.
“Sun of a Gun” was on the EP, and it stands out among the 11 tracks the same way it did on the four-tracker. If you want something a little slower — perhaps you’re a Sneakerpimps fan — “Lean” will take care of you. Dot Allison would be proud.
Look elsewhere for Human League covers, although she could totally do it. Regardless, “Human” has the syncopation you’re looking for to finish painting the den. White Nights was also on the EP, and it also stands out. So the whole album is fine, but the tracks from the EP are better.
“We Turn It Up” sounds like the Tilly and the Wall song that sounds likes a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam song. That makes it great.

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