Pixsid “Atoms Apart”

It’s music to trip to — 15 years ago it would have been called “trip-hop.” I don’t know what the kids call it today. What’s odd is how short the tracks are, but maybe that’s how it works now.
“Paper Hearts (So Horny Mix)” is an instrumental until the final five seconds, but it’s good for talking over. “Lullaby” sounds like a Portishead track, although the voice is just a bit too shrill. The Adrian Carter Mix is better although still a bit jarring.
“Wish I” is more along the lines of what I would expect from this act. It sounds like some spacier Everything But the Girl stuff, and the vocals are mixed in a more flattering matter.
There’s not enough of this out there, so it’s a welcome addition, but I hope the next record has more polish.

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