The Luyas “Too Beautiful to Work”

That’s what I’m talking about: female vocals and synth-dominated accompaniment. Not like La Roux but more like Stereolab. It’s so good I can’t write in complete sentences.
The title track leads off and is absolute bliss. If anything the singing could use a little more confidence, but this is picking nits. “Tiny Head” isn’t about flat beer, but it certainly could be. This one is slightly psychedelic.
Fans of Hope Sandoval (lead singer of Mazzy Star) will tweet their love of “Canary.” This song is, er, Topps and a true one-of-one. This one is good with headphones.
Is “Cold Canada” about beer? I mean, one of these songs has to be about beer, right? The accompaniment is more frenetic than on other tracks, so if you wanted the trippy sound of “Tiny Head” with a little more noise, go north, baby.
“Seeing Things” is the last track and is slower and more subdued. All in all it’s a great way to end a fun record. I’m a fan of The Luyas — mark it down.

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