Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion “Bright Examples”

This one gets me right here. (Imagine where I’m pointing.) Ms. Guthrie knows what her voice can do, and she applies it to the music well. The result is perfectly balanced composition. They go for that She-and-Him-Matt-&-Kim vibe that we all know and love, but that’s fine. They do it the right way.
“Ahead of Myself” sets the tone right off the bat. The music reminds me of Wallflowers, of all things.
If you want something in the Neko Case vein, give “Seven Sisters” a try. These acts always veer into the both-types-of-music vein (that would be country and western) from time to time, but that’s OK. It’s quite believable here.
“Hurry Up and Wait” makes me want to go to the Opera House Casino and get a one-pound chicken fried steak dinner for $5.99. But the difference is that this song isn’t good for a limited time only.
Some songs are made for movie soundtracks, and “Butterflies” is one of them. When Kristen Wiig or one of her ilk is driving around trying to figure out why she always fucks things up, this is the song that plays on the car stereo. If the director is really smart, he tells the sound editor to adjust the sound when the camera shot comes from outside the car.
“Cry Quieter” and the title track are also recommended, although they’re not as good as the tracks mentioned above. There’s a lot to like on this one.

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