Bethesda “Dreamtiger & Other Tails”

It’s an EP. “A Song for the Peasant Farmer” is first and features female falsettos. “Oh, How We Crane Our Throats!” has a slight country tinge to it. “Homage” is a ballad and, apparently, an ode to Mom. “This Rock” is midtempo, which is as fast as it gets with Bethesda. They’re not here to rock, despite the name, instead being happy with emotional indie tunes. The whole band is set up to focus on lead singer Shanna Delaney, who is merely adequate as a singer. But what makes “This Rock” work are the backing vocals. Delaney needs to be the lead singer, but the band needs to perform more as a unit, rather than a singer with a backing band. They figured it out on this one. “Dreamtiger” is the last track and also holds up fairly well. I have no idea what Bethesda is interested in accomplishing as a band, but if they focus on the faster stuff, they could make some noise with their noise.

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