Various Artists “We Are All Awesome”

Antenna Farm Records is showing the goods on this comp. Let’s go by band because some have more than one contribution.
Agent Ribbons: Female-fronted with decent melody on “I’m Alright.” Nancy Sinatra inspires on “Wood, Lead, Rubber.”
Social Studies: Sounds like Stereolab with low-grade Casio keyboards on “Time Bandit.” This song is the shit. Ting Tings comparisons could apply, but they are much better than that. “Drag a Rake” has some great accompaniment as well.
Sugar & Gold: Well, first off, I hate them because they wouldn’t get off the stage at the Hemlock, and the sound guy eventually had to cut the power to get them to stop. Of course by then they had gotten the crowd behind them so people were booing when it happened. But you know what? When you’re not the headliner, you do what you’re told to do, especially when the result is that the headliner loses 20 minutes off their set because Hemlock isn’t going to stay open later if they can’t sell liquor past 2. So you’re all assholes. Fuck you. “Bodyaches” and “Slice Me Nice” are actually good songs, the latter a nod to Berlin, but I don’t care. Show some respect when a band visits from Portland.
Still Flyin’: “Dead Memory Man” has a Duran Duran-style beat. It’s pretty enjoyable.
Bart Davenport: I know this name and remember why. At any rate, “Born to Suffer” is an Edwyn Collins-type number.
The Donkeys: They’re better musicians than poker players on “Lower the Heavens.”
The Botticellis: “When I Call” is standard indie fare.
Papercuts: Dreampop with “Well I Don’t.” Not overly sweet, which is a good thing.
Foxtails Brigade: Female-led with strings. Great quality of singing on “The Bread and the Bait.” Also enjoyable is “The Hours.” I wish it could be longer than two minutes, though. That hand-clapping is addictive.
Sandycoates: “Black Sleep” is dreamy. Poor attempt at wordplay? Perhaps, but it is still true, so suck on it. It’s one of my favorites on the disc.
The Dry Spells: They cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon.” They might as well cover Barenaked Ladies’ “It’s All Been Done.” It’s a fine cover, for what it’s worth.

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