Medals “Dancing in Ceremony”

I took this one because the band has someone Japanese in it, and my grandma is Japanese. As far as the music goes, it’s a little trippy and a little noisy. “Lonestars” is the first track and is synth-heavy and sounds better with headphones.
I’d like Modern Mark to play “The Modern.” I think it would work on his show. Although slightly repetitive, it has a good melody. “Dickens” has synths similar to You Say Party We Say Die’s “Laura Palmer’s Prom.” The vocals make me think of the Cult. It’s a pretty good combination.
The aptly titled “Bossanueva” is slightly off-key but still a good show of Medals’ versatility. The last track is “Puzzle,” and it is good for fans of progressive rock and newer Yeah Yeah Yeahs (although with a dude singing). All in all, it’s a vaguely modern alternative rock band.

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