Oh Mercy “Privileged Woes”

A mature pop outfit in the vein of Tegan and Sara, Oh Mercy make liberal use of piano on tracks such as “Lay Everything on Me.” However, if you’re interested in a song about someone who met a comic book price guide, then “Met a Wizard” will disappoint you. Otherwise, it’s a breezy song with awesome guitar. Guitar and piano rule this album and make it even more better than it was.
“By the Collar” is also fine. It uses organ and isn’t sleepy despite being a ballad. I really like “Broken Ears.” It’s a complete song yet very relaxed throughout. The whole album is this unassuming for the most part. Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl.
The tracks do all start to run together as the record plays through. You can do a lot of things with this many vocal options, but they don’t really explore this in as great a detail as they could. “Can’t Fight It” is fine on its own but could have been personalized to stand out better.
The last track is “What Good Is That.” There’s nothing new to add about it. This would have been better as an EP. I hope they can diversift a bit, because they have all the parts, but they keep assembling them the same way every time, just like a Gobot.

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