The Book of Knots “Garden of Fainting Stars”

It’s a rock band that occasionally focuses on the Alanis Morissette-style vocals of Carla Kihlstedt. I like this band because the guitarist is named Joel. “Microgravity” has mid-’90s music and early-’90s sampling. A bit of Garbage and “Mexican Radio”-style Wall of Voodoo rounds it out.
“Moondust Must” features special guest John Vanderslice, a man that I don’t see what the big deal is about him, but I do adore that last name. At any rate, there is some David Bowie inspiration in this, but he was Stardust, not Moondust. Still, I imagine this is not a coincidence.
“Garden of Fainting Stars” is OK but somewhat forgettable. “Yeager’s Approach” has nothing to do with handling a pitching staff. It does feature Mike Watt, and it’s got some spoken word stuff with the dude in the band, all laid out over some semi-psychedelic music. It’s fun in a trippy way, but whether the discombobulation is intentional is beyond me.
The whole record gets trippier as it wears on. “Nebula Rasa” is very dark and makes me want to head to the inner city with a $20 bill.

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