Victoria George “Lately I”

It’s an EP. It’s folky. Victoria George has a voice that reminds me of a younger Liz Phair crossed with Jenny Lewis, but the lyrics are not controversial at all, something those two ladies have no clue about (and hey that’s fine dammit). “Forever” is pop fun, and she is as light as Colbie Caillat. She probably bounds around the stage at live performances while other musicians provide the accompaniment.
The title track is second and has more of a country feel — not an alt country Neko Case way but more of a poppy Taylor Swift way. “Two of Us” has a bit of organ and sounds like Lynn Bobby or Indigo Girls. This EP is great if you’re over 35.
“Lost My Way” is some sort of ode. If Belinda Carlisle were a country singer, it would sound like this. The chorus is particularly radio friendly.
The last track is “Someone You Used to Know.” The standard EP-ending ballad has the same organ that the Wallflowers would use. This whole record is worth a listen, even if you typically only tolerate country as I do. It’s very accessible to diverse groups of people.

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