Metal Mother “Bonfire Diaries”

It’s a gothic sound, but the vocals need better mixing. The high end is fine, but on the low end it gets a little bumpy. It’s not just cute to say “Shake” is shaky in this regard.
“In the Bones” has nothing to do with the TV show but has better balance regardless. The flatter melody and focus on the music during the chorus, especially the booming drums, showcase Metal Mother’s strengths.
“Vices” sounds like Le Tigre when they were on Atlantic. And while that sucked then, because the expectations for Le Tigre were so high, it’s super here. Good track, this. It would be funny if “‘W'” were about Bush 43. I doubt it because the chorus has the word “irresistible” in it.
Lost Story is done in a Kate Bush style and is quite beautiful. “Willow” is a good one for headphones, perhaps while walking through Willow Glen. Try it and get back to me.

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