Bell “Diamonite”

Straightforward mid-90s post-industrial sounding stuff. Little bits of M.I.A. and Republica can be found if you look deep enough into tracks such as “Bulgari.” You can also hear Information Society in “Meaninglessness.” This one stands out on its own merit as well. Frenetic yet controlled, it’s like Bis without the shrieking.
“River” musically is like a Super Nintendo take on “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight.” And why shouldn’t we have a 16-bit craze now that the 8-bit craze has run its course?
More whimsical music can be found on “Junior.” It’s as happy as a Mormon boy singing along to the Oak Ridge Boys’ “Elvira.” The last track is “Eat Seeds,” and I like to pretend that this is about ensuring you eat enough fiber. It’s actually a metaphor-filled concoction that completes what Bjork wishes she could do.

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