Imperial Mammoth “Imperial Mammoth”

Just another indie rock band, but they get it. The piano accentuates the rest of the act, rather than defining it. Calming music doesn’t have to be calm — it can sound like this instead.
“No Time” has similar guitar as Adam Ant’s “Wonderful” and a Paula Kelley song I can’t place. The backing vocalist doesn’t sound like Kelley, don’t get me wrong. Actually he doesn’t sound like Adam Ant, either. Just the guitar. Very good composition at any rate.
The Auto-Tune gets a workout on “Real People (Parts 1&2),” but it seems to be part of the artistic statement, rather than a coverup for lousy-ass vocals. Like any two-part song, it’s a bit long, but the pace gets you through it painlessly.
If you’re looking for whistling and hand claps, “Ultra Violet” is the track for you. The woman does the lead vocals on this one, and it sounds pretty good. She also leads on “Christmastime in London.” Amazing that two of the most depressing things on earth — Christmas and England — can combine to make such a happy-sounding song. The chorus really brings this one home, as we finally get to hear the singer’s vocal range. It puts Jolie Lindholm to shame.

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