Sci-Fi Lovestory “Electrocutie (Single)”

The album version is awesome because the song is awesome. Male singer with female la-la-la-ing in the background. Very basic indiepop done right. I would like to hear more. The B-side is “Get Away.” It is slower but still fun. These guys should be able to get on some romantic comedy soundtracks with this stuff.
The dance radio edit is just that. I like it better. These guys were born to rock this way anyway, so you might as well get the full effect, even without Reggie. Kramer’s mix is OK, but it sounds too much like a sitcom theme. Stick with movie soundtracks, not TV, guys.
The last track is the 12″ extended dance mix. Usually these versions have some sort of unique component, which is why I love Book of Love so much. In this case, the song is just longer. But hey, that’s why Burger King has more than one size of onion rings, right?

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