Dirty Mittens “Heart of Town”

My girlfriend calls this “throat singing.” My rebuttal is that you can’t sing this style in any other fashion. At any rate, this is standard indie rock with a female lead singer who is one octave higher than normal. It works better when all the instruments are going. “Arcadia” gives you solo singing, fully accompanied singing and male backing vocals that really complete the picture.
“Let It Go” has a lot of energy from the vocalist. She’s really pumped up, but I don’t know enough to know why. Still, there’s no substitute for passion, so it’s nice to hear nonetheless. “B58” does this as well, but I can’t figure out whether it’s about a really weird bingo card.
A Fine Frenzy fans will appreciate “Row.” This one is probably pretty good live. They would do well to get the audience involved by doing that thing where they get everyone to clap.
“Light On” is more of a power-pop track and brings some whimsy to the table. The last track is “Any Time Any Day,” which doesn’t have a comma on the record but does in iTunes. I figured I’d add a dependent clause to that sentence so I could sneak a comma into the title. This wouldn’t work if it were BBC radio. The song itself? It’s a bit of a take on ’60s girl groups. It’s fine, but it’s not what the band usually does.

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