Katy B “On a Mission”

Another RPM diva singing over a beat. I can never get enough of this shit. Katy B in particular gets the job done, but I don’t want to make her out to be a truck stop whore. She’s more than that. But don’t expect any surprises. She just knows how to give what people want. I appreciate her having a clue.
“Power on Me” is a good example of what she can do for you. Competent singing and 4:4 beats make for a good time to be had by all, even if you’re out of steamed hams. “Why You Always Here” uses the mid-’90s synths that have fallen out of favor in the years hence. Perfect for me!
I think it is funny that there is another song called “Go Away.” I guess she sings to more than one person. This one is more soulful, and the beat sounds like something Luscious Jackson would do.
“Broken Record” has high production values and seems to have been mixed to be a single. I’ll bite. Maybe that’s what the “B” in Katy B stands for. “Easy Please Me” is similar to “Go Away.”
The last track is “Hard to Get” and has more of a house feel to it. I can’t get more specific than that because I’m trapped in a 1999 time warp, so I don’t know what the kids call anything these days. Ask Scrawny.

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