Karmacoda “Eternal”

These guys remind me of a mature version of Sweetheart, and that they’re from San Francisco makes it likely that they at least have some mutual friends. There are synths, but you can’t really call it synthpop or electronica. In a lot of ways they’re just a Massive Attack ripoff, but in the nicest way possible.
“If You Give It to Me (Our Summer of Love)” is the first track and provides a good representation of what to expect from this band. “Float Me” uses a little bit of guitar as well as more loudly mixed percussion. This also works, but thankfully we still get a lot of keyboards out of it.
Some guy helps the vocals out on “Get Me Through Another Lonely Night.” The beat makes me think of Usher, but the song itself could be a Sade duet with Random One-Night Stand Man.
“Epic” is clearly the one Karmacoda wants others to hear. It’s a dead ringer for Portishead’s “All Mine.” Not that the rest of the record is bad, but this one is definitely the one to recommend. No surprise that there is also a reprise, which is 3:17 long. Seems long considering the original is 4:46.
More male vocals can be found on “Love Will Turn Your Head Around.” If you want dudes, this takes care of that, I guess. Musically it sounds like all the others.
I enjoy this record, and if they perform locally, which they oughta because they are from here, I would see them at least once.

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