Santah “White Noise Bed”

I don’t practice Santah, really. This is just another indie rock band, which of course is just alternative rock with a folk element. I know, you were wondering. “Irish Wristwatch” is first and sets the tone for what today’s kids really seem to like. I can respect that this is good stuff. It’s just that I’ve already heard enough of this genre. Don’t let me stop you.
There is more energy in “Chips of Paint,” so that’s a better way to go on here. The title track is also good. It focuses on the vocals, which do just fine.
I wouldn’t recommend listening to “When I Couldn’t Move” on your mobile phone, but it’s still a good track. “Bat Suite” makes me batshit crazy.
The last track is “Neighbors & Cousins (Are We Lovers?),” which is little more than an excuse for me to put four different pieces of punctuation together. It’s borderline alt-country but still easy to listen to. Santah may not be the business, but they are probably one of the other sections of the newspaper, probably local.

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