Old 97’s “The Grand Theatre Volume Two”

I reviewed the first one, so now I guess I will do the second one. “Brown Haired Daughter” is missing only a hyphen in its quest to be a perfect song. It’s a fine example of what Old 97’s can do. Even the bridge is fantastic.
Also good is “Perfume.” The guitarist sounds restrained on this one, as in he really wants to rock out with his cock out but can’t because of the nature of the song (or the band, for that matter).
Cake fans would appreciate “No Simple Machine.” It’s the same talking-singing that they’re familiar with, although here the choruses have more singing than Cake would ever attempt.
“Ivy” is a little faster but still true to the Old 97’s sound. “Visiting Hours” is also fine but doesn’t particularly stand out.
More of the same from your old friends, Old 97’s.

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