The Scaramanga Six “Cursed”

I can’t remember why I’ve heard of this band. At any rate, they’re from Leeds, and they sound like they’re from Leeds. This indie rock band has a few stray prog elements but otherwise does its thing just as you would expect. When they play live, you take a second date there. You don’t need to get to know her anymore, but you don’t want music to make out to, either. Even if this is when you discover she has bad gas, it doesn’t matter because the band is worth seeing, regardless of the company you’re keeping.
“Last Roll of the Dice” gets the record off to a good start. Some of the tracks are a little rushed, but not this one. “Rest in Peace” is fine but a little forgettable.
A more rockabilly sound can be found at the beginning of “Trouble,” but then the chorus leaves me thinking of Queen. This band is a rock spectacle.
“I Can See a Murder” has a long instrumental at the beginning, but the lyrics still tell a nice story. The guitar is a little more power pop on this one. I could picture P.I.L. doing something like this.
Another one with the vocals mixed higher is “Quite the Man About Town.” It’s a straight-ahead indie rock track if you’ve ever heard one. Blue Skies for Black Hearts have done this style on their most recent record.
The last track is “Spent Force,” and it’s more the same British sound one would expect after hearing the rest of the album. I challenge anyone to give a reason why they don’t like this record.

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