Scarlet Youth “Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone”/”Breaking the Patterns EP”

The woman on the cover art and female-sounding band name duped me. But what’s done is done, and my name will be attached to this review for all of KSCU eternity.
Actually, this is pretty good. It is your standard indie band with Killers/My Bloody Valentine sensibility. Throw in a little U2 and Smashing Pumpkins (musically, at least), and you’ve got it.
“Sofia C” provides a good introduction as the leadoff track. If you want mild synths in the background, “Farewell Ghosts” does the trick. I hear some Love and Rockets in there if I listen closely. “Between Summer and Spring” is a carbon copy of “Farewell Ghosts.” You could say they’re twin towers of indie rock goodness.
The guitar intro to “Somewhere” sounds like several Korea Girl tracks I’ve heard, and the song itself is very mellow, almost like Psychedelic Furs. “Walls of Freedom” sounds like Silversun Pickups.
“Sunshowers” plays on the ’80s new wave style, similar to “Somewhere.” The vocals are mixed poorly, but the music is some of the best on the record. It’s so hard to get it together all the way through, it seems.
There’s also an EP from 2009 included on this two-disc Japanese release. The songs are pretty much the same. I like “Gleaming Endless Ocean.” Also, “High on Sky” sounds like Catherine Wheel. “Sunshine Girl” is the other better track on the EP.

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