Aficionado “Aficionado”

What do you call that post-emo sound? I guess it’s just “post-emo.” Well, that is what Aficionado are. “The Things You Like” give you a wailing dude song with female shouting backing vocals. If it doesn’t sound familiar yet, it will by the end of the album, because most of the tracks do this.
Fans of emo may be confused by “Everything Was Right” because really shouldn’t a song like that be called “Everything Was Wrong”? Well, it’s about how finally everything is right so clearly something must be up. I mean, God forbid you end up on the right side of the bell curve for once.
“Confidence Is Intimidating.” Yeah, that’s about right. No need to acknowledge you’re about to turn 30 when you can instead hole up in your parent’s basement and pretend that Hot or Not is still the place to get chicks.
The accompaniment in “Falsified Inspiration” is top notch. This one must be good live. In general, the tracks that don’t focus on the vocals hold up a lot better. This one is really catchy. “Characters” was also OK but easily forgettable.
The tracks are all pretty much the same, and you pretty much get what you expect on this record.

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