Bobby “Bobby”

Bobby don’t understand search engine optimization. Apparently there was a Bobby who started a band and then left it, so the rest of the band kept the name, so it’s not as disingenuous as The Donnas.
Musically, it’s just another indie rock band with male and female vocals. “We Saw” gives you an extended look and no sense of urgency. I like the harmonizing. Like a lot of the tracks, it’s really long.
There is a stretch of tracks with rhyming titles. The best of these is “Tomb Bloom.” If you want something mildly psychedelic, “It’s Dead Outside” fills the bill. “Ginger (Water Birth)” uses synths well and makes me think of some 16-bit video games I played 20 years ago. The falsetto vocals make this one a winner.
I’m also a fan of “Shimmychick.” It’s more accessible than the other tracks, in part because it is less than five minutes long. The other track I like is “Dustbeam.” It’s slow without being sleepy.
Overall there’s nothing too spectacular about these guys, other than the interesting choice of what to call the band and the story behind it. You can’t go wrong, though, with these guys.

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