Release the Sunbird “Come Back to Us”

This sounds like a Posies ripoff, and that’s fine by me. It’s actually led by the guy from Rogue Wave. And that’s no 12 off my 9, either. “Come Back to Us” has a great bridge and smart female backing vocals.
A more folkier sound can be heard in “Why Can’t You Look at Yourself” and “Paper Allies.” The latter has a country tinge to it as well. Also slow, as well as a bit somber, is “A New You.”
The band is much better when they infuse a little pep into their routine, and “We’ll Begin Tomorrow” really shows what happens when they spread their wings. This is great hiking music the next time you’re in Tahoe.
They need to release the energy and not play so much slow stuff. The pieces are all there, and hopefully they will put it together.

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