The Violet Lights “Sex & Sound”

It’s an EP providing power-pop for the masses. “Your Love/Not Enough” is layered like a late ’90s haircut, with no Flowbee required. “Ready or Not” has a bassline I’ve heard before, but I can’t place it.
A little more contemporary is “Sex & Sound.” I can picture Justin Timberlake, in his infinite wisdom, covering this one. And as Chef would say, there’s no substitute for “Substitute.” You can actually picture him singing this if you listen to it. This one must be for the hipsters, as it comes complete with that Franz Ferdinand/Silversun Pickups tempo, with a hint of Dashboard Confessional of all things. It makes me want to buy a car.
Buried at the end is “It’d Be Fine.” This one is the best. Why do they do that? It doesn’t sound like the others, which kind of makes sense because it was mixed by someone else.
I hope to hear a full length. This is an all-around good time.

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