Jared Mees and the Grown Children “Only Good Thoughts Can Stay”

This is what today’s kids think a rock band is, showing the influence that the indie scene has had on the mainstream. I thought they were from the Midwest, but no, it’s our good friends in Portland again, doing what some call “uptempo major chord progressions.” Music types are as bad as wine snobs, I swear.
“Hungry Like a Tiger” sets the stage with male leads and female backing vocals. Hints of britpop and subdued power-pop leave a lasting finish. You want to make out with women that like this band, period.
The vocals are mixed really high in “WWJBD.” Despite this, I can’t figure out the wordplay from the title. I mean, it has to be a reference to WWJD, right? I couldn’t infer a damn thing.
The chorus of “Inaudible Song II” is some of the best on the record, and admittedly I can hear the Portland staple of female harmonizing here. The chorus of “Even Little Mountains” is also good. The organ is an excellent idea here.
“Juicy Fruit” combines the different elements of the album into one song. It’s a smart choice if you want to introduce people to the band. The last track is “Shake.” It does all the things last tracks do: lots of buildup to send you off in a fervor.

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