The Jayhawks “Mockingbird Time”

No one took this one, and the Jayhawks are an institution, so I had to make sure they got their due. They sound the same to me as they always have, a band many associate with the mid-’90s, even if they’ve been around since 1985.
“Hide Your Colors” gives you what could be described as a power-pop ballad. “Tiny Arrows” is a little slower with hints of country. Like a lot of the tracks on this record, this one is long.
A straight-ahead ’70s rock sound mixes with power-pop on “High Water Blues.” The folk card is played during “Stand Out in the Rain.” The backing harmonies during the chorus are pretty sweet.
“Guilder Annie” also is a little bit more country. It tells a nice story. And that’s all we really want out of life is nice stories, right? The guitar stands out on “Pouring Rain at Dawn” and makes me think of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
If you know the Jayhawks, it’s exactly what you would expect. Otherwise, pull up a seat and check out what you’ve been missing.

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