Big Harp “White Hat”

Saddle Creek has definitely evolved to the point that you know what a band will sound like, just by knowing it is on that label. In that context, Big Harp don’t surprise much at all. In this case the band is a husband and wife. Chris Senseney does the singing, including on lead-off track “Nadine,” whose song title probably doesn’t make Stefanie Drootin-Senseney jealous.
“Goodbye Crazy City” has a country tinge to it. Pure Saddle Creek. Also, BTW, Saddle Creek pioneer Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder did the recording and mixing on this record. It’s a small world, just like in Silicon Valley.
Velvet Underground fans will appreciate “All Bets Are Off.” A familiar melody embraces “Here’s Hoping.” It is some sort of homage to ’50s slow dances, perhaps. The accompaniment is a little too hyper to do the job well.
There’s a bit of soul in “Out in the Field.” They done well with this one.
Don’t expect a lot of male-female harmonies on this one, but can you imagine the on-stage banter when there’s infidelity afoot? See these guys live.

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