Caitlin Rose “Own Side Now”

With a name like Caitlin Rose, I was expecting pop sensibility from an ironically named singer. Nope. This country-sounding folked-up name represents a country-folk singer. Huh.
The tracks are a little long for this type, but “Learnin’ to Ride” defeats this as the four-plus minutes fly by. Or perhaps mosey by on a horse, given the song title.
“For the Rabbits” is in the Joanna Newsom/Edith Frost vein. This is almost good enough to be in an iPhone commercial. “New York” has a more traditional sound and is good for Neko Case fans, as is “Things Change,” especially for those who like The Virginian.
The harmonizing in “Sinful Wishing Well” make this one folking fun. All in all, this record delivers what it promises once you actually listen to it.

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