Mitten “See You Bye”

Mitten: now more than Ralph Wiggum’s favorite swear. This is an EP, by the way. It has a lot of late ’80s synth style to it, as well as some 8-bit sounds on the side. Fans of Ming & Ping will appreciate what’s done here.
“All That I’ve Got” makes me feel cooler than today’s kids, because I understand why this sound exists. I’ve heard something like “Cavalcade” before, but I can’t place it. Now today’s kids feel cooler than me, because their memory still works.
A more indie sound gets “742” off to a different start. Real guitar and no synths showcase the band’s diversity, I guess. Really, that tells me this is the modern-day Big Audio Dynamite.
The two styles collide well on “Similar Sense.” The only problem with that is now it sounds like 30 other bands out right now. Maybe they should just be dorks and play music inspired by days gone by.
“Solitary Moves” is fine but pales in comparison to the other tracks. The last song is “You’re the Runner.” It’s another throwaway synthy modern indie effort. Again, nothing wrong with it, but I prefer it when they embrace their inner Roland, or is it Moog?

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