Sleep Over “Forever”

Rate this as ethereal music with a woman singing, similar to Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. “Romantic Streams” has an ’80s intro, in the Atlantic Starr style. Then the vocals start, and it’s a blanket of velvety goodness. Your uncle likes this sound.
I’ve never found a good replacement for Dot Allison’s efforts in One Dove. Sleep Over don’t fill the void, either, but tracks such as “The Heavens Turn by Themselves” do help mend the heart. I could listen to this forever.
I thought I knew all there was to know about “Crying Game,” but iTunes wants me to think it is one word with one “g.” The song itself is an instrumental but sounds like a variation of a remix of Electronic’s “Feel Every Beat.”
I like stickers, and I like “Stickers.” The vocals are extra haunting here. This is another winner on this record. The last track is “Don’t Poison Everything.” It’s got more of a psychedelic feel, trip-hop if you well. The vocals border on Siouxsie as well.
Definitely a record designed for me, it will be one of my favorites for album of the year.

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