Gem Club “Breakers”

When I see “Breakers” I always think of this Mad Magazine sketch from the late ’70s during the CB radio craze, which shows people without vehicles using them while walking around. In it, this woman says, “Breaker! Breaker! This is No Car Carla.”
They’re from Massachusetts, so I hope they enjoyed the Nor’easter that arrived yesterday. But despite living in Red Sox country, the first track is called “Twins.” The song itself reminds me of Ida, what with the piano and all. And Ida is a good thing to sound like.
I also like “Lands,” which is best described as “effectively somber.” “I Heard the Party” is not about the radio station. This is a pretty useful reference, because a lot of markets have a dance station called “The Party.” It makes me sound local when I’m not! It’s like how Groupon is headquartered in Chicago.
“Tanager” is more dramatic and has the piano mixed a little louder. This one belongs in a movie when the lead discovers he’s been cheated on, and he confronts her about it. Then he goes for a walk to think about it, and it starts to snow.
The last track is “In Wavelengths.” It was fine, but the smoke alarm kept going off, so I wasn’t able to pay a lot of attention to it.

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