Anomie Belle “The Crush”

How am I not supposed to compare this to Bjork? Maybe I am. Beyond that, the urban beat of “Inky Drips” reminds me of Ruby as well. “Its a Crush” is fine, but the missing apostrophe is too distracting for me to actually enjoy the song.
There is this secret desire to go urban with this artist. Maybe she is secretly from Gresham instead of Portland. Or at least she lives east of 90th. “Bodies Offering” has bits of soul that complement her voice, which occasionally enters the Portishead zone here.
Anna-Lynne Williams offers what must be backing vocals on “Privilege.” Like First Republic Bank, it must have been one to serve Anomie Belle here. “Phantom” is the last track, and it’s not disguised nor is it horrifying, right before your eyes.
I enjoyed this album. The copycat nature doesn’t bother me because I always want more sources of rhythmic, downtempo, slightly crazy tunes.

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