Talkdemonic “Ruins”

It’s like Mogwai without singing. “Slumber Verses” is a clever name because there aren’t any verses, or perhaps they’re just asleep. “Revival” also doesn’t revive any lyrics.
It’s not really clever anymore to talk about song titles such as “City Sleep.” I’ve blown all those jokes. This is one of faves, though. And again here’s the deal: They sound like Mogwai. There are no lyrics. They’re from Portland. They’re not particularly psychedelic. Talkdemonic provide relatively square, thought-provoking music with enough synths and strings to keep you hooked.
“Midnight Pass” has semi-metal guitar wafting in and out, although I would hardly call it symphonic metal. Maybe Sega Genesis music is a little closer. The last track is “Palace Walk.” It is slow and meandering yet still easy to listen to.

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