Girl in a Coma “Exits & All the Rest”

It’s always nice to review another record from the same act because then you can see how the band has matured. It’s almost like when a band releases a new album.
At any rate, Girl in a Coma have done a lot of homework since their last effort. Although the sound is still distinctly them, as well as San Antonio, home of such luminaries as Naked Rob, there’s nothing to make you cringe.
You could even say the band knows how to adjust on the first track, “Adjust.” It reminds me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, before they signed with a major. And before you forget where the band’s name comes from — it’s a Smiths song — get ready to enjoy “Smart.” It has that ’80s modern rock guitar, mixed with wee bits of Dashboard Confessional and Smashing Pumpkins. This shepherd’s pie of a song is a new instant favorite of mine. It puts the “pen” and the “us” in stupendous. Most songs can only do one.
“So” slows it down, but the song does well with it. The vocals are mixed superbly here. All the songs with short titles are the best. I also like “Hope.” It has drums that remind me of U2’s “New Year’s Day.”
“Sly” is the other track I recommend. It builds and builds over five-plus minutes, and then it’s done. Yet somehow it works.

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    Robert Says:

    “Sly” is definitely one of my favorite tracks and is absolutely amazing to hear live. You need to check out the bonus tracks, “Coffee and Tea” in particular.

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