Terra Lightfoot “Terra Lightfoot”

It’s a she, not a band, but her band, like her, is probably from Canada. “Straight Line” sounds like three other CDs I’ve reviewed today. For those who aren’t here (i.e., not my cat), let me put it in other terms: She sounds like Julie Doiron or Caroline Smith. Better?
Danielle Howle and Blair Tefkin fans alike will like “Sleep Away the Winter.” You don’t have to sing like a girl or farmer’s market songstress to be proficient in the indie rock department, and this track is proof.
“Foxes” is a well-balanced track that defines Terra Lightfoot quite accurately. A subdued banjo peeks in and out during the four-plus minutes. I also like “Parking Lot.” It’s truly paradise.
The last track is “Creases.” It is stringier but otherwise like the rest of the tracks. In retrospect, maybe all the songs sound a little alike, but so what? At least they’re repeating a sound that works.

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