Meshell Ndegeocello “Weather”

Sultry yet sleepy vocals and acoustic guitar dominate “Feeling for the Wall.” It’s such a basic song, but it’s put together flawlessly. “Rapid Fire” is another storytelling track, but the synths make it quite compelling. You can’t help but drop what you’re doing, even if it’s taking a shit, to focus on this one.
If you want your music to brood, “Dirty World” will give you what you need. The synths are more retro sounding, but it all comes together pretty well. This belongs at a piano bar when the pianist is on a break. It keeps you in the mood for when the ivory tickler returns.
“Crazy and Wild” has a dude singing, but I can handle it. It’s almost midtempo, which is uptempo for this album, but it’s very smooth. Unfortunately, “Dead End” is neither a cover of the DDR song nor a tribute to my favorite feature in the Twilight Zone pinball machine. However, it does have one of the fastest beats of any song on the record. It needs it, too, because the track exceeds five minutes. This one also has the best vocal quality.

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