Stephaniesid “Starfruit”

More rock than indie, Stephaniesid offer a modern look at what Pat Benatar would sound like today. There are still some eccentricities here and there, but they’re nothing that would make Bjork blush. “Closer” isn’t a Nine Inch Nails cover, but the band is on Nine Mile Records. The song itself uses xylophones or similar to give an otherwise straightforward alt-rock number a bit of an edge.
I’m still feeling an ’80s vibe when “Cadiz” comes on. The vocals are similar to Altered Images, but thankfully the lyrics aren’t. “Cinematic” sounds like one of those rap songs on The Sims, except the lyrics are in English. The melody is similar to the chorus of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.” The rhyming doesn’t hurt, either. In other places, the melody mimics En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind.” This band is wasted on Generation Y.
The band continues its tribute to the Reagan years with a cover of “Life in a Northern Town.” They’ve made it their own, but fans of the original will still appreciate it.
I like “I Like It Too” even though it is missing a comma. That comma is fast disappearing in American English anyway. (Do you see what I did there?) There’s a lot of whispered human-made sound effects, which is kind of cute. Curious to see how that would look live.
The other track I like is “Multiply,” which sort of goes with another song, “Life of Pi.” At any rate, “Multiply” is slower and more modern sounding, so if you want to play something hip, that’s probably the way to go.

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