My Brightest Diamond “All Things Will Unwind”

This sort of melodic, female-fronted indie rock’s days are numbered, sadly, but I’m enjoying every minute of it that I can. Somehow, if beautiful music had survived, this is what it would sound like today. “We Added It Up” showcases pitch-perfect vocals and well-orchestrated accompaniment. Perfect for Regina Spektor and Bat for Lashes fans.
More of the same on “In the Beginnning.” This one uses more strings, but again it’s the vocals that dominate. “Be Brave” is hypocritically more subdued but still worth a listen.
“There’s a Rat” is the type of story a Fiery Furnaces song would tell. Musically, the song is absolutely gorgeous. The other track I like is “Everything Is in Line.” It reminds me of some Rasputina songs.
Lots of winners on this record. Lots.

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