Brief Candles “Fractured Days”

This album was a nice surprise. If Garbage were still around, maybe this is the route they would have taken. This would also be how Damone would do dreampop. You can hear what I mean on “10 Weeks,” which is a cross between the former’s “Vow” and the latter’s “Up to You”
“Permafrost” reminds me of some of Rocking Horse Winner’s better efforts. We also get male backing vocals that complement well. The accompaniment for “Small Streets” reminds me of the Cure and Chris Isaak. Vocally we get a duet here, and the man and woman harmonize perfectly.
No skylarkings are present on “Skylark.” This one features the man singing, and there’s tons of reverb to give one a gothic bit of pause. “Recognition” has a early ’90s modern rock feel to it. His backing vocals sound like John Strohm. The guitar sounds like Wish-era Cure.
The last track is “Knock ‘Em Deaf.” This time we have the woman’s voice done on reverb. A lot of this album embraces the mid-’90s, so if you can get your kid into it, you’re going to have an easy time bonding.

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