Pterodactyl “Spills Out”

This is that noise stuff that people are always telling me about. It’s always easier to cover off-key singing with noise, the same way I use cheese and/or chocolate to cover up my miserable cooking. “School Glue” is an example of that, using female backing vocals to placate me and not notice that the lead singer probably is in the band because he can sleep with anyone he wants, whenever he wants.
More noise can be found on “Nerds.” I also hear some Pornos for Pyros, especially from the guitar toward the beginning of the song. A more haunting melody can be found occupying “Allergy Shots.”
“Thorn” makes me think of those bands with like 10 people who don’t even fit on the stage when they perform live. I guess they’re just really busy, though, because it seems like they only have five or six. I guess you need that many people to have a successful noise band. That or a toddler.
George Carlin once asked, “Where the fuck are all the zombies?” Maybe “Zombies” could have helped him with that. This one has the female backing vocals again, and I can really get into this one. The male harmonies remind me of the Mamas and Papas mixed with Bauhaus. Hey, I hear it.
The last track is Aphasia and is the obligatory “let the women sing” song. In this case, that seems to be violist Amy Cimini, because I don’t have any other information that says there’s another woman in the band. Of course I like this one best. It’s kind of like Sister Soleil with no electro beats but with traditional guitar instead.

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