The Ericksons “Don’t Be Scared, Don’t Be Alarmed”

Modern country folk music that focuses on the guitar is the best way to put it. “Box of Letters” has a pretty good tempo but is more Charlie Daniels than Neko Case. And I can’t resist a song called “BRB.” This one is pure folk, with little bits of Ida and Tami Hart strewn about.
Beth Orton fans will enjoy “Screendoor.” It has similar vocals as “Central Reservation,” but it’s not a direct lift. The Ericksons aren’t the Vaccines after all. You can hear a bit of Chrissie Hynde as well when she focuses more on speak-singing the vocals.
“Lie for You” is clearly a love song, but I can’t figure out for whom. I also like “How I Love You.” This whole album is kind of like for those who discovered Sheryl Crow but have grown up and moved on. Now, some real music.

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