Dirty Projectors + Bjork “Mount Wittenberg Orca”

I never know what to make of seven-track records. EP? LP? Let’s call the whole thing off.
This sounds exactly what you would expect it to. The collaboration lets Dirty Projectors be a little weirder and gives something for Bjork to do while she decides on a good reason to cancel on her next Bay Area show.
“When the World Comes to an End” has the dude singing, with the requisite awesome harmonies backing him up. The verses are connected with awesome voice-based synths. He kind of sounds like the lead singer of Squeeze here.
You get more of this on “No Embrace” as well. The last track is “All We Are” and is the only Bjork track I like. The others are mostly Bjork tracks and certainly will give you what you’re looking for, but it’s as if it were a split record until then, when finally the best of Dirty Projectors and Bjork perform at the same time during the same parts of the same track. It’s not redundant. The other tracks are fine but it sounds like the components were recorded separately. (It’s fine if they are, but put more care into the mix so we can’t tell.) But “All We Are” is the exclamation point on what should have been a more exciting release.

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