Axelle Red “Un Coeur Comme Le Mien”

This warbling waffler is from Belgium. The songs are all in French. I’m not sure what “Red” means, though. At any rate, she’s been around for 20 years but still looks young because of how she styles her hair. That’s a tip from me to you: Cover your crows feet with your hair, and you’ll look 10 years younger.
“La Claque” is the first track and gives you an idea of what to expect: Mature singer/songwriters may be a dime a dozen, but few have the experience that Axelle Red beings to le tableau, er, I mean the table.
The guitar at the beginning of “La Liberte C’est Quoi” sounds like the intro to Janet Jackson’s “Someone to Call My Lover.” Vocally Red sounds like Kate Bush here. If you like ’60s girl group-style music, “Entre Nous” will work for you. Her voice is a little closer to Liz Phair’s here, and the guy that sings with her is also a talent. This is one of the best tracks on the album.
“Elle Est Tout Pour Lui” is a more traditional rock ballad, reminiscent of Heart or Alannah Myles, except, of course, it’s in French. I also like the guitar work in “Dans les Bras des Hommes,” especially during the bridge.
The other track I like is “Le Mur.” You get a range of style with this record, but mostly it’s darker modern rock with lush instrumentation. Works for me.

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