Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits “Promotional EP”

I reviewed a previous EP so I figured I would give them another shot. These local cats confused iTunes, who thought this was a Ramona the Pest EP from years back. For all we know they could have overwritten a CD-RW of that one.
At any rate “Incredibles” is the first track, and the guitar sounds like Tegan and Sara. It sounds a lot better than their previous effort. That much I can assure you.
“Days” has the same bassline as the Tegan and Sara song whose guitar was in the previous track. That’s weird. This song is a fairly straightforward rock ‘n’ roll song. “Pink Flamingos” has a mid-90s alternative rock feel, sort of like Bare Jr. if you remember them. The melody here rips something off, but again, I can’t quite place it. I’m thinking Aerosmith or Guns ‘N’ Roses here.
The last track is Angels. This one is for fans of Reverend Horton Heat or Devil Makes Three.
This sounds a lot better than that Decapitate the People for the Government stuff that they were doing before.

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