The Kabbs “The Kabbs EP”

I don’t remember why I grabbed this one, but that’s OK. It’s slightly heavier power pop with some fierce surflike jangle on “Never Knew.” It sounds like what would happen if the Hi-Fives weren’t a punk band.
“Golden and Blue” is a bit more rockabilly/alt-country. Bob Dylan comes to mind when I hear “Down This Road.” The Kabbs seem to be auditioning different sounds. That’s what they do in San Diego, you know.
If you remember early Rolling Stones, you’re old. You’d also like “Mixed Up.” The stronger ’60s sound only misses the pops and cracks that vinyl would provide. The last track is “Love Race.” It also has the same jangle sound. These are always fun to play live, and I’m sure they enjoy doing just that.

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