Jessica Jalbert “Brother Loyola”

Finally, music the whole family can agree on. Jessica Jalbert has a voice that doesn’t rely on gimmicks to be enjoyed. “Necromancy” gets the album off to a great start with fantastic harmony in the backing vocals and strings. It is a cello, which is a shame, because I wanted to say I liked the viola in “Brother Loyola.”
“Daniels” has what must be trumpet. Even with my tin ear I can identify quality of this caliber when I hear it. Waltz fans can rejoice with the relatively tame “Wild One.” This track downplays the vocals, which is unnecessary, but the song still holds up well.
I’m a big fan of “Stupid Hollow.” It has a girl-group charm about it, and the drums make me want to march my butt down to the Kwik-E-Mart to get some chips and a beer. The other track I like is “Aubrey de Grey.” It’s not about former Detroit Lions wide receiver Aubrey Matthews, but that’s OK.

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