Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun “Wildfire”

Very familiar La Roux/Metric sound here. But you don’t have to be innovative to be good, as my boss says. This is the kind of band that always plays at the Rickshaw Stop when I am there. “We Were Wild” is a microcosm of this.
Those who like their dance-pop with hand claps and hints of Cure synths will like “Single-Hearted.” Vocally this may remind you of Ruby, although the music is a little too cheery for that.
Republica fans will like “With My Good Eye.” If the band would develop a British accent, no one would be able to tell the difference. I can’t figure out what the first single is, but “Oh Black Gold” sounds like the second one to me. I’m thinking Yeah Yeah Yeahs here. Maybe it should be called “O Black Gold” instead.
“Life & Limb” is a little more mellow and has more pronounced guitar, even if the chords are simple. This is a good rock party album in a room full of rock party albums. Grab an artisan beer and lie about how you won’t vote for Obama in 2012 with your friends.

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